Google tells us that there are nearly four billion published websites, forming this amazing world of the internet. This means that almost a website for every individual living on this planet. And now you are contemplating joining the league, and taking the count of the websites beyond four billion.

Are you confident that, “If I publish a website, they will come?” Are you sure about it? No you cannot be! To be honest, no one can be so sure of the website traffic. To put it in plain English, it isn’t going to happen unless you distinguish yourself from the crowd.

When one of my colleagues started with her first business a few years ago, the first thing I asked her to consider was “Does she really need a website? And, why does she need a website? I presented my friend with a sort of questionnaire to answer a few basic questions about why she, a startup, actually needed an online presence. The questionnaire elicited following reasons to go for a website:

Helps in Figuring Out Business Goals

Yes, you got it right! When you are required to write the website content you are compelled to revisit everything about your business. This helps you discover important business goals you may have skipped earlier.

Business Credibility

Did you ever find it difficult to convince one of your potential customers that yours is the real deal? By having a professional website you can garner instant credibility for your business. Your website is the ultimate proof of your business existence.

Exposure to More Customers

Google tells that more than 2.5 billion individuals use the web on a daily basis for both professional as well as personal reasons. By deciding not to have a website, you run the danger of missing out on a serious online opportunity as these are the individuals who make purchases or contact an organization online.

No Barriers to Entry

Getting traffic for your offerings and starting a business is relatively easy with online convenience. With the advent of World Wide Web, there are no barriers to entry for businesses at all unlike for a business with pure brick and mortar presence.

24*7 Online Presence

With your business website live, you have a whole new avenue of opportunities opened up, and you can run your business 24/7. Your website will always be there for your valuable customers, which is otherwise not possible.

Connect with Your Customers

With functionalities like a feed (RSS or Atom) on your website, you can update your customers on real time basis. You can update your website visitors on offers, promotions and product launches etc.

Online Marketing Channel

The World Wide Web has equipped the marketers with a very powerful weapon called online marketing. With online marketing at your disposal, your website can win more business by utilizing simple and low cost marketing techniques.

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