There are lots of options to choose a hosting service. And most of them offer pretty much the same as the rest with a few differences in pricing and the features they offer. So it can be a little confusing when trying to choose the right hosting service for your website. How do you make the choice though, for a layman it looks all the same and you will find it hard.

To make it easier for you I am writing down a few reasons you should choose A2 hosting services. A2 is one of the top hosting services in the market and one of the very few green hosting services. I will explain more about this later. So what is so good about A2 and why should you go for it as your hosting service? 

Green Hosting

A2 Hosting services is one of the few in the market that offer completely green hosting services. This means that all the power and energy used for running the servers and the data centres come from a renewable source and that is by no means an easy feat. Data Centres take a ton of energy to run. From keeping the ambient temperatures cool to running all the servers, it takes a lot of energy to survive.

Speed and Performance

Another reason and perhaps the main reason to choose A2 Hosting is the performance of the site. Its uptime is well above the industry average of 99.4% and the speeds are not only there but are also consistent. The speed and uptime are perhaps the most important aspects for your websites since they help decide the ranking and the existence of the site itself. A simple down time can reduce traffic to the site drastically and cost you a lot of dollars.

Global Data Centres

The reason for their speed and performance is the location of their data centres. They have data centres on three major continents, Asia, Europe and North America. This cuts the loading time and enhances the speed of the sites and is also a factor when counting the redundancy factor. If you are a local site in any of these places then you have a clear advantage.

Support Access and Options

Customer support is often the problem with hosting services but in the case of A2 that is no longer an issue. Thing with A2 is that the customer service reps are very hands on and they offer custom installs and plenty of solutions where your rep will go in and fix the issue rather than talking you through the process. Although some may not like this, it really clears you a lot of work that you would have had to do originally.

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