Look for bandwidth, data transfer, availability and price. Too often web hosts talk about bandwidth and data transfer in the same breath but truth be known they are different although very closely related. Bandwidth is how much data can be transferred at a time and data transfer is how much data is being transferred. High availability is important to be seen by web site visitors. Price determines how much you have to shell out to keep your business online.

What is Reseller Hosting?

If you are looking for online money making option reseller hosting business can be quite a profit making venture once you understand the figures and profit margins involved. You have to market your service to get more customers.

What is the cost of choosing a wrong web hosting provider?

Choosing the right web hosting service will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make with your online business. If there is problem with the service, your visiting customer will go to your competitor!

How much web hosting space is required?

Let’s start with the hard disk space. It’s the amount of data you can store on the hard disk of the web server. Each web hosting account comes with a certain amount of space you have to determine how much space will be required for your files to be put on the web server.

What is affordable web hosting?

What is affordable for you? Is it solely depends on the price? Think beyond the price as in most cases you end up realizing that price is the small part that you pay. Think about reputation and brand. Taking the cheapest hosting service on internet is not far away from buying the cheapest car available.

What is ASP /PhP Web hosting

ASP and PhP are popular scripting language in which dynamic web page programming is done. Look for free code available from your hosting provider.

What is Server Load?

It’s the number of interaction your web site is having which can be usually found in the control panel associated with your web hosting account.

Web Hosting – Cheaper and Easier for Small Businesses

Most small businesses these days try to use the Internet to compete more effectively. The trick, however, is to accomplish that goal without spending too much of your precious money and time.

What is Domain Name Server (DNS) and how it Works?

It is very difficult to keep in mind the IP addresses of all the websites we visit daily, because it’s not easy to remember strings of numbers. However, we do remember words. This is where domain names come into the picture. Your DNS will resolve name into ip address.

How Multiple Server Hosting Impacts Your Website’s Uptime?

If you can afford always look for multiple server hosting to maximize the uptime and performance of your web site.

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